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Mazda offers a number of special deals and programs, especially for veterans, new car buyers, and even recent graduates. There are some stipulations that apply, including date restrictions and college requirements but overall, Mazda is glad to help everyone get behind the wheel of a new vehicle. This graduate program is a great way to reward recent scholars for all their hard work.

Here's how it works. You show proof that you are a college graduate and then you receive a special additional rebate on a new or certified pre-owned model. There are different rebates for different models, and there are also some stipulations that apply.


You must be a Canadian resident who graduated from an accredited Canadian university or college between April 30, 2014 and April 30, 2017. Mazda Canada will pay a rebate, which is a portion of the costs for the vehicle, and this rebate will be used as a down payment and deducted from final costs.


You can use this rebate in addition to most other incentives. The most important aspect of this program is that you provide required documents at the time of delivery. For a university, community college, or Cegep (Quebec only), you can show your diploma. You must have a minimum length of courses of three years if you attended a university, a minimum of two years for a community college, and a minimum of three years for a Cegep. A copy of your official transcript will also be needed.

Applicable Vehicles


These new vehicles receive the following rebates:

                                     Mazda2 - $200                     Mazda3 (Sedan and Sport) - $500

      Mazda5 - $400                     Mazda6 - $500

 CX-3 - $500                          CX-5 - $400

    CX-9 - $1,000                       MX-5 - $1,000


These certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles receive the following rebates:

                                 Mazda2 - $200                              Mazda3 (Sedan and Sport) - $400

    MazdaSpeed3 - $500                                  Mazda5 - $400

Mazda6 - $500                                                    CX-3 - $400

   CX-5 - $400                                                            CX-9 - $1,000

                                                MX-5 - $1,000                                                     B Series Truck, RX-8, CX-7, Tribute - $500

There may be some other restrictions that apply. For instance, all institutions must be recognized by the Provincial Ministry of Education. Visit the official Mazda website on the Graduate Program for more information. 

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